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Fake the Stakes
comedic short film | writer/actor

Fake the Stakes is a short film written by myself and my best friend Kaylie Heyner. It was originally created for the University of Florida's 2019 Campus Movie Fest where I won Best Actress, the film received the Best Story award, and was one of the five top films of the festival, advancing us to the national Terminus festival. There, we came out with awards for Top 5 for Best Comedy, Top 5 for Best Story, Top 10 for Best Picture, and a winner of the Disney Women in Film category.

The Lead
dramatic short film | actor

The Lead is a short film created at the University of Florida and directed by Parker Bohner. It won awards at the BEA Festival and a "Regional Emmy" through the Suncoast Student Production Awards.

Obi-Wan v Darth Maul
stage combat scene | actor

This scene is a direct recreation of the fight sequence between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul in the Star Wars movie. This was created as a final project for my Stage Combat class which had to go online due to the pandemic.

Homeless Week
web series | actor

This is a web series created by ChomPics productions in Gainesville, Florida. It depicts a group of students who resort to secretly living in the library whilst they figure out their future living arrangements.

The Other Side of the Wall
dramatic short film | actor

This is a short film created by Parker Bohner that depicts a young woman, pessimistic and stuck in a rut, finding a new found confidence when she begins interacting with the promiscuous neighbor on the other side of the wall.

Production Stills + BTS

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